Petsitting Procedures

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Frogs to Dogs sends out emails to us when there’s a job request, asking if you can do the particular job. I will try to target the requests based on areas that are in your coverage area, but sometimes I get desperate.  It is fine to say no, and we rely on you to know if you already have another gig booked that would conflict with a new request so please check that before agreeing to a new request.  Checking email is critical as that is the primary way I will send requests although if they are short notice I will text.

1) Consult

Once agreeing an appointment is set up for you to meet the client & their pet(s). It’s free & you don’t get paid. Don’t be late to the consult. And if you are running late, in traffic, etc. Call them. The consult takes anywhere from 15-30 minutes. Please keep this in mind so you can be concise and thorough while respecting your own time since this is an unpaid visit.  We have all had clients that we connect with and end up spending an hour or longer with them at an unpaid consult.  So just be mindful of your own time.

The purpose of the consult is to be sure you & the animal(s) get along, the client feels comfortable, etc. Please, check back in after your consult.  This is a time for you to let me know if there are issues that we need to be aware of.  Also, if there are extra steps involved like medications that we should be charging extra for this is the time to let me know.  That way I can make sure we book their visits correctly.

We have a great consult questionnaire that I highly recommend printing and bringing to every consult to help remember important points to cover.

Take notes. I usually print out the profile form and write notes specific to that client on the form.  Of course, whatever works best for you is fine.  If you prefer to have your own notebook that works, too.

Keys – Ideally the client should give you 2 keys. One for you and one for a back up sitter. This is not necessary for clients that are just doing a trip out of town, but rather for recurring walks as these clients will definitely need a back up sitter for when their primary sitter is not available (it will inevitably happen).  Then you can put the spare key in the office where it hangs, coded by their last name in a filing cabinet.
Give FTD’s the receipt for the key copy & we’ll pay you back.

Keys are kept in a filing cabinet at the office.  When you agree to a client that has already used Frogs to Dogs and their key should be at the office, we are happy to confirm their key is at the office so that you can get it to bring to your consult and test it out.  PLEASE do not wait until the day of the visit to get their key.  Ideally it should be brought to the consult, but at the very least have the key the day before your visits are starting.  This will help ease any last minute key stress that we have experienced throughout the years.

2) Timing of Visits

Here’s the breakdown of the job/visit times: You usually have windows of times in order to see multiple clients during that window if you want.
Occasionally, you’ll have a client that requests a specific time. I recently took on a client like that because most of the times were at a time that worked around other clients, Otherwise I wouldn’t have taken that job. And I still have leeway of about 30 minutes.   If you can’t make it at a specific time (which we do not recommend committing to unless there is a med that has to be given at a specific time or for a puppy visit); just let the client know that we have two to three hour windows that we work within.  The most important thing is to set the expectation with your client so they are aware what time frame you can come.

Early Morning – any visit before 8am extra fee

Morning 8-10am
Lunch – 11am – 2pm
Afternoon – 2-5pm
Evening – 6-8 pm
Late Evening – any visit after 8pm  extra fee

Cat visits that are requested for once a day are defaulted to a morning visit with the understanding (that you, the pet sitter, explains at your consult) that your visit will be some time that day and not necessarily in the morning.  Most cat clients are cool with that, but sometimes they have a preference so please clarify and let me know.

Additionally, if a client requests visits from 11-12:30 for instance. I will book the visit for 11am as a way to remind you that they had a time preference that fell outside of our normal parameters.

Regular visits are 20-30 minutes in length, but we offer 45 minute and hour visits and can customize visits to whatever a client needs.

Overnights at their house: Includes dinner & breakfast feedings. Usually a walk or let out at the dinner time feeding visit which is usually around 5-6pm (your client will tell you what they prefer), then we guarantee the sitter will be checked in for the night by 9-10pm (again please let your client know what works for you for check in time),and another walk in the morning along with breakfast. On a visit or overnight for the protection of the sitter it is a good idea to check that all doors are locked and windows secured.

3) Clean – up

Client provides poop bags, but I keep some in my car in case they’ve run out. Whether you are doing a walk or backyard let out please pick up after the dogs.  Poop bags can also be used for cleaning out kitty litter boxes. Speaking of litter boxes, they need to be cleaned EVERY day.  I know this should go without saying, but it is imperative that you scoop out the litter boxes every day.  If they have two visits a day for a client with cats, then at least one of those visits must include cleaning a litter box.  If you are sharing overnight care with another sitter that is covering mid day dog walks, and the client has cats it is your responsibility to clean the litter boxes when staying overnight.  The mid day walker is only being paid to walk the dogs.  It is unlikely, a cat client will request mid day’s with their overnights so please do not rely on a mid day walker to clean the cat litter boxes.  DO NOT dispose of cat or dog poop in client’s home.  This should always go in outside trash bin unless specifically requested by client.  ALWAYS do a WHOLE house walk through to look for any missed pet accidents that need to be cleaned up.

Water – Vital that you check water and replenish/refresh on EVERY visit

On the last visit before a client is returning home make sure you tidy up.  This will include sweeping up around litter boxes, light vacuuming, taking out trash, making sure any cans of food that were used have been rinsed and placed in recycling, etc.  It’s always nice to come home to a clean home after a long day of travel.

4) Harness

We prefer that all dogs have harnesses that are being walked as it is common to have dogs slip out of collars. Additionally, we try to avoid using retractable leashes as they break.  If you have a client who uses one please let us know as we can loan you a leash to take when you walk their dog so you do not have to use it.

5) Communication

This is critical to our work.  Like it or not all our competition is high tech.  They are using sophisticated apps that will alert clients when you are on your way and how far you walked their dog.  While we are not going there, we do ask that you check in with your clients after every visit.  If they are out of town and having multiple visits a day then just one text/picture message checking in for that day is fine.  This is a great time to let clients know if you are noticing any odd behavior or just something cute their animal did.  You can never over communicate.  So please be in contact with your clients as they love hearing about their pets.

8) E-Mail

We know it can be overwhelming when we are sending you a lot of new client requests and that they can get lost in the email shuffle. For this reason we highly recommend that you create a new email account that can be used for pet sitting such as

This will make it easier for you to sort through the requests and stay on top of clients that need to be contacted for consults.  In addition, we count on you and the client to read the pet appointment summary emails for accuracy.  Please let us know if you get one that has wrong dates or missing visits or that you have no idea why you even received it.  I make mistakes and these summary emails are our last line of defense to making sure the visits are booked correctly.

9) Power Pet Sitter

This is the booking software we use and every sitter has a login for their website and an app that can be downloaded on your smart phone.  These are valuable tools that we highly recommend you familiarize yourself with.  I am always happy to give a tutorial if you would like to know the many functions available to you.  On the app you can check off visits as you complete them.  While checking them will not affect your pay either way, it is a great tool to keep you on track for the day.

Daily emails are sent the night before as well so if you check your email first thing in the morning you will see all bookings scheduled for that day.  Again if you see bookings on this schedule that you know should not be on there please notify us immediately.

We rely on sitters to update client information in PPS under the section  so we know any important information that is specific to that client like the dog meds should be given in peanut butter.    This is a screenshot of what the area (client notes) looks like where you can add notes when logged in to the website.  This is not a function you can do through the app; only from the website  You can also update alarm info and other important info.

Useful info for another sitter should they have to cover or take over your account should be noted as well.  You can update specfic pet info under the pets and this is a function you can do from the app.  You can also add additional pets as well as upload photos of them.

10) Medical
Please pay attention to the behavior of the animals you are watching. Often times it is just the slightest behavior change that can be a clue that something may not be right with their pet. This also relates to the updates as by mentioning things like the dog licking an area or a cat hiding from you every visit may not seem out of the ordinary to us their owners will have a better idea if this behavior is out of character and worthy of a vet visit.

11) Feedback
We rely on you to tell us how it is going with your clients. If a dog is particularly challenging we need to know. Rather than just telling us you are not available and us passing the client on to another unsuspecting sitter the next time they request visits. I am here to back you up so please do not be afraid to tell me what is going on and we will come up with a resolution.

12) Extras
Included with all pet sitting are basics like taking out the trash, bringing in the mail, watering some plants (I know some people have their own gardens so let us know if their request is a bit above and beyond just watering a house plant), turning off and on lights, etc. This should all be discussed at the consult.

13) Compensation
While we do our best to support each other when mistakes are made that are not a result of a scheduling error on our end, these will be deducted from our pay should the client require a credit in order to keep them a satisfied Frogs to Dogs client.