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…it was nothing short of incredible

wolfgang1Confronted with a sudden (and faraway) job offer, I needed to find a dog-walker – fast! I asked around and was told about Frogs to Dogs by the Kirkwood Feed and Seed people. I instantly loved the name of the company, and trusted the Feed and Seed’s opinion, so I called Andrew.
I was concerned that I wouldn’t be able to set up a dog walker within days, at a price I could afford. Was I ever wrong! Within 24 hours of my very first phone call to Andrew, he had supplied me two reference clients to call, he’d come by to meet me and love on my skittish-around-strangers dog Wolfgang. AND he’d assured me that regular dog walks could be arranged as quickly as I needed them. (He even offered me a “bulk visit” discount!)
Andrew’s professionalism is backed up by his obvious love of animals. He also employs fantastic people. As I mentioned, Wolfgang is over-protective about our house and I was nervous how he’d react to a stranger coming to walk him.
But when Andrew sent Zsolt over to meet Wolfgang… it was nothing short of incredible. I was afraid to let go of his collar when Zsolt walked in our front door, but he insisted. As I released him, I worried that Wolfgang would try to nip at him. But it was so amazing – not only did Wolfgang not snap at Zsolt, he instantly calmed in Zsolt’s presence and went over to quietly sit as his feet. I was floored! It was like watching someone tame a wild animal. Zsolt is truly gifted with dogs. Frogs to Dogs is, in short, a fantastic company run by professional people who love – and are very talented with – the pets they care for. I enthusiastically recommend them! · JayneLeigh Hallock