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I look forward to training sessions with Zsolt as much as the dogs do.

I have two of the most out control dogs “Fenway and Muffin” from lack of discipline on my end, or I should say HAD the most out of control dogs. I have been using Zsolt for behavioral issues with my strong minded, 3 year old black lab mix, “Fenway” for aggression towards other four-legged friends. I was at a point where I would pull Fenway really close to my side to control him. It just made it worse, Fenway got so bad because he was reading my body language wrong. I learned to control the situation before it became an incident. Before Zolt, I tried every type of pull collar, harness, gentle lead — you name it, I tried it. As of today, I can say that we have made leaps and bounds and hope that with more time and training, Fenway will one day be off leash trained with the help of Zsolt. In fact, I was so happy with Fenway’s results that I have used him for behavioral issues with Muffin, my 1 year old golden retriever. Muffin likes to greet friends and strangers alike by jumping up and giving them a little lovin’. It is a totally different type of training process with Muffin. Zsolt makes it a game that she realizes she will never win and will never want to do it again. So far, so good with Muffins on going training. I look forward to training sessions with Zsolt as much as the dogs do. Fenway and Muffin love to see Zsolt for his homemade dog treats. I now consider Andrew and Zolt friends, not just a service. I have been very happy with the the professionalism and courtesy of Andrew, Zsolt and the Frogs to Dogs team. Thanks Frogs to Dogs!!! · Chris, Fenway, and Muffin