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FTD Featured in CNN Article

Frogs to Dogs featured in the CNN article “When nothing is too fancy for Fido.”

What’s the harm? 

So is all this doting a problem? Is there any harm in treating our pets like children?

Andrew Zbeeb, who owns the pet-training and sitting company Frogs to Dogs in Atlanta, said pet pampering is usually harmless. But it can turn potty training and overfeeding into big problems, Zbeeb said.

“I’ll put my training hat on and tell you there could be negative effects if you’re treating animals like a human being. It’s OK to love your pet and pamper your pet and put dresses on your pet, but it’s still a domesticated animal. It’s not a human being,” Zbeeb said. “It can lead to disappointment for human beings, and the (animals) may have false perceptions of the world.”

At the same time, while “people may get carried away with (doting on their pets), it’s sweet,” he said. “And (those connections) extend a human’s life.”