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benHi everyone! I’m Ben. I’m a lifetime animal lover who spent my formative years around every kind of animal from dogs to rats to hissing cockroaches to goats and chickens and horses and pigeons. My animal care background pertains primarily to animal advocacy with and in association with various animal rights organizations and sanctuaries, including founding a local Food Not Bombs chapter, an organization that feeds homeless people healthy, hearty, and in our case vegetarian meals. A couple of years ago I moved to Atlanta to start a small film production company, which has given me plenty of free time to spend in the company of little furry friends once again. I have spent much of my life working long, unconventional hours, engrossed with the heartache of being away from my pets. Knowing that they were in the care of loved ones or trusted pet sitters always relieved my tensions greatly, and I am so thrilled to be given the opportunity to provide that same peace of mind to you all alongside Frogs to Dogs. Can’t wait to meet your babies!