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sue!From industrial England, as a child I was still able to spend all my spare time riding horses and my dog was always at my side. I moved to Canada to fulfill a dream of wilderness living but had to make do with paradise while living in and on the beautiful islands of Puget Sound. Informally studying organic agriculture and farming, basic homesteading and survival skills, a houseful of critters was pretty much the norm. I owned and worked a small organic farm in Oregon, keeping goats and chickens and of course the dogs and the cats that found me. After moving to Georgia I became active in rescuing and placing homeless pets which has progressed to where it pretty much takes the bulk of my spare time. I left the corporate world about 8 years ago, knowing my destiny was to work with animals and so I began petsitting. Not long after, I met Andrew and immediately knew I wanted to work with him. I’d known Zsolt (Frogs To Dogs lead trainer) for 20 years from when he owned a little pet store in my neighborhood and I was buying my fish supplies from him. In these last couple of years, what I’ve explored inside myself is a passion for animal welfare which has swept me off my feet. It’s just the greatest joy to make an animal happy. Whether it’s a client’s pets who are simply missing their parents for a few days or on the other extreme, staying on the front line of animal welfare in Georgia. I love every animal I come into contact with